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Emergency Dental Care in Greenfield Park, Longueuil

Clinique Dentaire Dr. S. Sgro & Dr. J. Lang | Greenfield Park, Montreal Dentist

If you require urgent care, our dentists at Clinique Dentaire Dr. S. Sgro & Dr. J. Lang offer dental emergency care in Greenfield Park on the South Shore of Montreal.

We Can Help in An Emergency

At Clinique Dentaire Dr. S. Sgro & Dr. J. Lang, we will do our best to make room in our schedule to see you in case of an emergency. We provide care to patients on the South Shore and surrounding municipalities. 

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact us immediately so we can help.

In a dental emergency, the sooner you can get into the office, the better. Don't let injury or persistent pain go untreated as this can lead to long-term damage and more complicated treatment.

Call: (450) 465-1023

(450) 465-1023